Bind Us Together

February 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

                 I read a great book called Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan.  The setting is on a Colorado ranch in 1895.  Conor MacKay and Abby Stanton are the main characters.

Here is a great line that I found fascinating.  “As physically attractive as she may find him, she would never consider marrying Conor MacKay.  It was one thing to care about him and wish to ease his pain.  It was quite another to wish to bind her life to his.”

Wow!  What insight.  Have you ever considered marriage in those terms?  Have you ever thought about binding your life to someone?  I believe that’s exactly what happens.

When you take those vows, you bind your life to someone else.  Scripture describes it as becoming one flesh.  Marriage is not you and me; it’s us…our lives bound together.  And if our lives are bound together, do you not want the very best for the other part that is you?

When we get busy “doing our own thing” it’s easy to concentrate on our own feelings, our own happiness, our own needs.  But what about the one who is bound to us?

Love Heart, before you take that giant step into marriage, consider the binding of another life to yours.  Are you willing to be bound to them for a lifetime?  Their habits that drive you crazy today probably won’t change.  They are who they are.

Here’s a word of sage advice.  If you have any doubts at all, DON’T DO IT!  It doesn’t matter how many plans have been made or how much money has been spent.  The magnitude of a mistake like that is enormous.  Seek God from the start and listen to Him.  He’s never wrong!  Gwen~



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