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The Rock

March 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

Years ago, I had a friend who was completely overwhelmed with her life.  She was at the altar at church crying her eyes out.  I slipped out of my seat and went to her side. As I put my arm around her, I couldn’t think of anything to say except, “Let’s go back to what we know.”  We talked about the basics of the Christian life and what God has promised to us – things like the fact that He loves us and won’t turn His back on us even when the whole world might.

Do you have those promises memorized so that when you’re overwhelmed you too can comfort yourself with God’s word?  John 10 talks about Jesus as the Good Shepherd, and Jesus Himself assures us that no one, yes, no one, can take us away from Him.  If you’re world is crumbling, go to the Rock .  He’ll never let you down.  While others may come and go in your life, He won’t~He can’t.  He’s there to stay!  Let Him carry you through the rough times!  Gwen~

Bind Us Together

February 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

                 I read a great book called Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan.  The setting is on a Colorado ranch in 1895.  Conor MacKay and Abby Stanton are the main characters.

Here is a great line that I found fascinating.  “As physically attractive as she may find him, she would never consider marrying Conor MacKay.  It was one thing to care about him and wish to ease his pain.  It was quite another to wish to bind her life to his.”

Wow!  What insight.  Have you ever considered marriage in those terms?  Have you ever thought about binding your life to someone?  I believe that’s exactly what happens.

When you take those vows, you bind your life to someone else.  Scripture describes it as becoming one flesh.  Marriage is not you and me; it’s us…our lives bound together.  And if our lives are bound together, do you not want the very best for the other part that is you?

When we get busy “doing our own thing” it’s easy to concentrate on our own feelings, our own happiness, our own needs.  But what about the one who is bound to us?

Love Heart, before you take that giant step into marriage, consider the binding of another life to yours.  Are you willing to be bound to them for a lifetime?  Their habits that drive you crazy today probably won’t change.  They are who they are.

Here’s a word of sage advice.  If you have any doubts at all, DON’T DO IT!  It doesn’t matter how many plans have been made or how much money has been spent.  The magnitude of a mistake like that is enormous.  Seek God from the start and listen to Him.  He’s never wrong!  Gwen~

Funeral Day~

February 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

I really don’t like going to funerals, but sometimes we just have to.  Such was the case when we laid my sweet friend, Ruth servantGreen, to rest.  Ruth was a godly woman who gave of herself freely.  She was kind and sweet and loving and most of all, she loved me.  She served her country during the Korean Conflict, she served her family, and she served her friends.

Do you ever consider your funeral service and what will be said?  Ruth had hers all planned out – including a prayer to receive Jesus if you hadn’t already!

The cancer that chewed up Ruth’s body is now swallowed up in the victory of our risen Lord!  No more pain, no more suffering – forever with Jesus.

funeralLove Heart, if you are not sure beyond any doubt that when you leave earth you’re headed for heaven, get that nailed down.  If you’re not sure how, click on the tab Becoming A Christian.  Don’t let another minute go by separated from God!  Gwen~

Questions, questions!

February 1, 2017 — Leave a comment

What do you think is the most important decision you will make in your lifetime?  Who to marry?  Which career to pursue?  Which college will look best on your resume?  While those are all things that require thoughtful answers, they are not the important question.

What will you do with Jesus?  That’s the question.  And, it requires an answer!

Love Heart, you don’t have to be a bad person or a murderer to be a sinner.  All you have to be is less than absolutely perfect, and that’s all of us.  Since we’re sinners, we need a Savior, and Jesus of Nazareth is His name.

Jesus Himself says in Matthew 12:30a says, “He who is not with me is against me.”

Where are you?  For or against?  There is not a neutral position…no sitting on the fence with this one!  Call out to Jesus and let Him save you!  Gwen~

Love Thy Neighbor~

January 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know a woman who was prompted by God several years ago to give her unbelieving neighbor a bible.  A while later, she invited him to a Sunday School class party.  Now, she’s 25 years older than he, so it wasn’t like a date!

But she knew that he didn’t have a relationship with Jesus and she wanted him to see that Christians are normal people whose sins have been forgiven.

He agreed to go and he loved it.  The folks at the party were very kind and caring with him.  He agreed to come to church for the mid-week service because dinner was served.  Again, the folks loved on him and made him feel welcome.  (And the food wasn’t bad either!)  He came each week for the dinner and as he did, he built relationships with many there.

Eventually he decided he was ready for Sunday morning.  Again, his new friends were thrilled to see him on a Sunday and welcomed him warmly.  Of course, each time he was there, he was given teaching from God’s word and saw it being lived out in front of him.  And he saw the difference in his new friends.

I heard he has accepted Christ as his own and had been baptized into the family of faith!

You know, sometimes we are afraid to talk to people about Jesus because we are afraid they will ask us something that we don’t know the answer to.  Love Heart, you don’t have to have all the answers, I promise.

 If you will just listen to the urgings of the Holy Spirit, He may just allow you to be a part of something wonderful…like the salvation of a friend!  Oh yeah, his new slogan is, “I came for food and stayed for God!”  Don’t you love it?  Gwen~