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  1. Beth Weathersby August 22, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Girls, Gwen and Debra, your ministry is an encouragement – just the website alone! Maybe because I know you personally, but I just know it is here for SOME ONE – yes, Gwen – SOME ONE – who needs it! I love you both!

  2. Thank you ladies so much for the wonderful and encouraging program you presented to the University Women’s Organization at HSU. Your testimony of word and song was just what we needed to kick off our year. Everyone in attendance was blessed – and I know that as you seek God’s heart, this ministry will continue to grow and bless others. Thank you again!

  3. Thank you so much for speaking at our Appreciation Lunch. What a blessing! You encourged us and then gave us a challenge. You made me think and then you showed your love and God’s love and gave me courage to make a stand. We needed this extra little UMPH to get going for the new year and keep up the job that we were called to do. God was here at FBC-Throckmorton and his people grew. This ministry is such a blessing to all of us and we do thank you and want you to come back! Thanks Again!

  4. Gwen&Debra, your presentation at Bluff CreekCowboy Church Ladies retreat on Sat was right on the dot. Judging others is not our job and I’m grateful that our Lord is a merciful God. Thank you for coming & I pray your ministry will be as blessed.

  5. Debra & Gwen~ Thank y’all so much for sharing your spiritual gifts w the ladies of Bluff Creek @ our retreat in November, we enjoyed it very much. Gwen, the presentation on judgement brought up some very interesting view points worth sharing. And Debra, your voice is such a heavenly sound, thank you for blessing us with you. Definately looking forward to the next time! May your ministry continue to be blessed beyond measure.

  6. Gwen and Debra,
    Y’all did an amazing job with our women’s retreat this weekend! You are so easy to work with and the amount of details you added to the sessions to fit our theme was incredible. The message in song and from the Word met each and every one of us right where we are. Your answer to God’s call on your lives is a wonderful example of obedience to us all!

  7. I had a great weekend and loved hearing you both. Finding out your stories and how connected we are is my favorite part. All of us come from different parts of the world, but we are all connected at the core. I love the speed dating game…It was great to find out the unique things about each other. Please continue to go forth and share your talents. I truly enjoyed hearing from you and Debra, I love the song you sang, This stuff by Addision Road… Thank you again and God Bless you both!

  8. Ladies, your message and music was such a blessing to us. We could never thank you enough for traveling out to Merkel to give your presentation to our ladies. Many blessings to your ministry!!
    Lois LaSalle
    Builders Baptist Church

  9. These ladies blessed our women’s group at Wylie Christian Church with such a wonderful program including special music that touched our inner beings. We all left feeling and knowing that we are as individuals unique souls who have a divine purpose for being here on this journey and to keep our eyes focused on God. We were truly uplifted and received that special message we needed to hear which is that we each are needed and are very special! Each day should be a grand celebration. Thank you for such a gift and reminder.

  10. Tonight I attended First Baptist in Breckenridge Tx where ya’ll spoke. God just hit me upside the head and loved on me. I finally realized he is always with me- like really. Why has it taken me 32 years to figure to that out? Idk, but I do know I want to serve Him better. Your message is making my heart change.Im putting on my armor and ready to kick some enemy tail!

  11. Thank you so much for helping me be closer to GOD. I just wanted to let you know you’ve had a very large impact on my life and have made it easier for me to communicate with GOD and understand his word and take it to heart. Every day I do a bible study and discover what the LORD is trying to let me know. I need to remember I’m not perfect and I won’t get everything i want in life but I should be thankful and focus on the things I do have in life and not what I don’t have.Like I saw this really awesome poster the other day and I really wanted it but instead of wishing I had it I could be thankful that I have loving parents and family and food to eat and clean water to drink some people don’t have that stuff so focus and what you have and be thankful and don’t focus on the new car your best friend got of that awesome toy that everybody has and focus on what you you have and be thankful because some people might not be as fortunate as you are!!!

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