Job, A Man of Conviction

December 4, 2015 — Leave a comment

Many of us have hard lives, and others of us just think we do. But consider our brother Job. Now there’s a guy who knows trouble and in huge quantities! In one fateful day, he lost all his considerable wealth and all his children.

Shortly thereafter, he was afflicted with boils that covered his body from his head to his feet. A more miserable man would have been difficult to find. One verse in the book of Job has always really stuck out to me. It says, “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.”

Now Love Heart, to say that takes conviction! Most of us want to collapse at the hint of a hangnail, but Job was keenly aware that his only hope was in God.

He listens to the advice of his friends then decides to plead his case directly to God. The ensuing conversation is a bit one-sided. At the end of the story, Job has a much clearer understanding of who he is and who God is. And still, he knows his only hope is in God.

Have circumstances gotten you beaten down? Are you trying to do it on your own? Whatever it is, take it to God. Know this – He owns all the resources, and your best resource is Him. Gwen~



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