Shut My Mouth!

August 18, 2016 — Leave a comment

medfr17018Long ago there was a vivid expression of surprise – “Well, shut my mouth!”

Lately, the Holy Spirit Who resides in me has been doing just that – shutting my mouth! When I’m tempted to give my opinion, the words no sooner get out my mouth until He tells me to be quiet or He may prompt that I shouldn’t have said that.  I have learned that when this happens, I need an immediate response.

You see, we have a tendency to look at everything with our inferior human eyes instead of viewing the situation through the Eyes of God. He Who knows the end from the beginning knows all the components to any situation.  Actually, He and He alone, knows the best answer in any circumstance!  Things can get especially dicey when we try to give our “advice” to someone who may be in a life altering situation.  Our ill-thought words can shatter families, murder the unborn, and encourage sinful behavior in our friends.

While it may sometimes seem like He is far off and not paying attention to us, that’s just not the case. psalm 33-18Psalm 33:18 says, “But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.” (NIV)

When you tune yourself into Him, you can hear much clearer than when you don’t. He is amazing in so very many ways.  Love Heart, submit yourself completely to His authority and watch the changes that will happen in your life!  Gwen~



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