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Who Is Your God?

April 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

Many of you may already know the Savior, Jesus Christ, while others of you may be seeking Him. For some of you, these may be the first words you are hearing about the One True God.  Hear this. Wherever you are in your quest to know God, Debra and I are praying for you.

Recently I heard a testimony about a woman who talked about “her idol.” It brought this scripture to mind.

Habakkuk 2:18-20 (NIV) 18 “Of what value is an idol carved by a craftsman? Or an image that teaches lies? For the one who makes it trusts in his own creation; he makes idols that cannot speak. 19 Woe to him who says to wood, ‘Come to life!’ Or to lifeless stone, ‘Wake up!’ Can it give guidance? It is covered with gold and silver; there is no breath in it.” 20 The LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him.

Love Heart, these are not my words.  They are taken from the Holy Bible.  Today, if you are counting on something made by man to give you guidance, whether it’s made of stone or wood or gold, please reconsider.  Seek God and find faith in Him and Him alone.  Gwen~


September 12, 2011 — Leave a comment

Moses had gone onto Mount Sinai to meet with God and receive the Ten Commandments.  Moses left feeling very confident with Aaron in charge.  Let’s face it…Aaron had been mentored by his brother Moses.  There shouldn’t be a problem, but we find out that Aaron still had Egyptians beliefs residing in him.  He had not made a complete conversion from the old ways to God’s ways.  His leadership wasn’t strong enough to discourage the people from making an idol of gold.  He even tried, after the fact, to justify his actions by saying it was a God of Israel. 

We see that mixture among believers today.  We support prosperity without the cross.  We say that adversity is a lack of faith.  We encourage new philosophies mixed with scripture and call it freedom of religion.  We are only mixing God with the world…it won’t work, people!!!  “No one can serve two masters.  Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and Money.” (Matthew 6:24, NIV)

Moses asked Aaron what happened?  How could you have lead God’s people in such sin?  Aaron blamed the people and explained that the “calf just came out!” (Exodus 32:21-24) 


Isn’t that the way we all are when we know we have sinned against God and don’t have a good explanation for our actions?  We pass the buck, instead of repenting and receiving God’s grace and forgiveness. Consequences…sure, that’s how we GROW!!

Don’t allow “mixture” to have power over you!  Pray and be faithful to God’s Holy word and don’t allow new philosophies, people, or things, to twist God’s ageless TRUTH!!  Deb~