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Counting the Days~

April 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

                Dr. Mary Neal has written a book called To Heaven and Back. She died in a drowning accident, went to heaven, and returned. Of the things she said of her adventure, the one that struck a chord with me is, “Every day really does matter.”

I have lived approximately 23,474 days (including some leap year days!). If God should graciously give me another 20 years, that will be about 7,305 more days.

Now, there is nothing I can do to reclaim any of the 23,474. Not a single day of my wayward years can be recaptured. Not a day spent in sin and rebellion can be changed. However, of the 7,000 or so that might be left, each one of them can be lived to the fullest, but only if my focus is on God.

People have a hard time following after a god that holds them accountable for their lives.  The One True and Living God does just that.  He gives you all you need, and He holds you responsible for what He has given to you.  You are responsible for your actions!

With the world as crazy as it is today, don’t be swayed in your love for and devotion to Him.  Fix your eyes on Him, the One who is the author and finisher of your faith!

Love Heart, if you only have one day left, live it for the One who created you. You won’t be disappointed! Gwen~