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February 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

Mark 11:13 -14 “And seeing in the distance a fig tree (covered) with leaves, He went to see if He could find any (fruit) on it (for in the fig tree the fruit appears at the same time as the leaves).  But when He came up to it, He found nothing but leaves, for the fig season had not yet come.  And He said to it.  No one ever again shall ear fruit from you.  And His disciples were listening (to what He said).”

th (1)I read this verse out of The Amplified Bible, and I finally got it.  This version tells me that the fruit of the fig tree comes at the same times as the leaves.  When Jesus saw the leaves and no fruit he cursed the tree because it was a phony.

In other words…if we only serve the church in name only and bear no fruit.  We are phony!

We have a friend who just had knee surgery.  He called and asked us if we could come and clean his fish tank.  Ewww!  Now, I could have thought of a thousand excuses not to do it and believe me I thought about it.  th

What kind of example would I be to this new believer?  I would be a fig tree bearing no fruit.   Going to church every Sunday proclaiming to be His servant but in reality only serving when it was convent for me and something I wanted to do.  “Me” centered; not “God” centered!

th (2)People are searching for God in and through His people.  Are they seeing something different or the same ole same ole?

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors…(2 Corinthians 5:30) ~Debra