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Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12, of Florida, and Bart Palosz, 15, of Connecticut shared the headlines during the same week inangel1 America.  Why?  Before they even had a chance to reach adulthood, evil took its toll.  Both Rebecca and Bart were victims of incredible bullying, and subsequently, unable to cope, took their own lives.

As a society which is getting sicker and meaner with each tick of the clock, we continue to want to purge our country of anything that mentions God.  And so far, we’re doing a pretty good job of it.  Surely we don’t want to offend anyone!  Well, I am incredibly offended that we are trying to create a Godless society, and evil is smiling all the while!

As a child, in Sunday School and even in the classroom, The Golden Rule was displayed and memorized.  “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31)  I can’t help but wonder if any of these bullies have even heard Golden Rulethese words?  Unfortunately, I know that “church kids” can be as mean as anybody else as I have witnessed that first hand in the treatment of our ADHD son.  But surely, if they have been taught how to treat others, somewhere deep in their souls they know they are doing wrong.  And if they have that knowledge, they can repent.

I worry for them, but the ones I’m most concerned about are the ones who’ve never heard – never been taught –  never seen God’s word in action.

Love Heart, I hope God has given you the eyes to see and the mind to understand that all that is going on in our society is not political but spiritual!

Pray for the Sedwick and Palosz families for sure, but don’t forget the families from which the bullies came.

Words cannot express the sadness that fills my heart for both these children and the families they left behind.  Our condolences from Love Heart Ministries.  Gwen~