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                I was talking with a guy I work with about his love of spelunking.  He told me when you’re in the cave and the guide turns out the lights there is utter darkness.

I thought about the fact that when it is completely dark, that doesn’t mean that anything inside the cave has changed but the elimination of the light – the source that lets you see.  The walls haven’t changed, nor have the paths.  The only thing different is the lack of light.

               That’s the way it is with God.  When you’re in a situation that’s dark and you can’t see God it doesn’t mean He’s not there.  And, He’s definitely not changed!  He is still working on your behalf to give you the best possible life.  He’s still concerned about every detail of your existence.  He’s still the Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God.

The next time you feel like you are in a cave and life seems way too dark, just remember that your ultimate light source is still there.  Gwen~