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Young Toplady was watching the storm clouds form as he walked along the road of the nearby village.

LIGHTNING   illuminated the jagged cliffs of the near by landscape. THUNDER rumbled as the rain started coming down in sheets.   

The young preacher was searching for shelter when he came upon an opening in the side of the mountain.  A cleft in the rock…

As he waited out the storm his thoughts turned to the “rock of faith” being a fortress against the “storms of life.”  And the words to the hymn “Rock of Ages” were penned.

Rock of ages, cleft for me,

 Let me hide myself in thee.

 “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”  (Psalms 18:3, NIV)

 When you find yourself between a rock and a hard place…choose the rock! ~Debra

A Rabbi…

June 11, 2015 — Leave a comment

th (1)A Rabbi asked his son, “Have you prayed today?” No, said the son,  “I don’t need anything.”

Wow, that’s a profound statement!   How many of us fall to our knees during a time of crisis , but fail just to praise Him for what He does on a daily basis.   I know that I’ve been guilty.

Have you ever spent the day, just Praising Him?  Not asking for one single thing?  It’s harder than you might think.              th

I’m so accustom to tapping into the source, Jesus Christ, that it’s like second nature to me.  I have to make a concious effort JUST to praise Him!

It’s hard not to slip in a request or two, but God knows your heart, He knows your every need.  Spend the day Praising, even in the storm, allow Him to work in and through your life.

Sometimes the journey is rough, but ohhhh, the rewards are boundless. ~Debra