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March 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

When my children were growing up my husband and I helped in the youth department at our church.   

My son introduced me to a young man that was at church visiting and they seemed to have hit it off.

I wasn’t impressed.  This young man was outside of the box…long, saggin shorts, chains hanging from his pockets, spiked hair, and pierced ears.  I had grown up in a VERY conservation household.   

I was going to keep an eye on this one especially if he was going to hang around my son.

In doing so; I learned a lot about this young man.  His parents were divorced and it wasn’t pretty.  They fought constantly and he was caught in the middle.  They expected him to choose and be loyal to one or the other.

After several months of being with this young man we became very good friends.  The Lord just opened my heart for him and I was able to listen while he expressed his heart.

One day he was telling me how his mother was bad mouthing his father.  He seemed so troubled.  I could see that he was wrestling with something.      

I looked at him and said…you know all the things your mother is saying about your father are true, but he is still your father and you wish your mother wouldn’t talk like that about him. He looked up into my eyes with sorrow and we prayed together.

Months later we had an exercise in our group.  A person was put into the middle of a circle and those surrounding him were to tell what that person meant to them.

You guessed it…I was put in the circle.  When it came to this young man…he said; she hears my “Whispers!”

Love Heart, we serve a wonderful, mighty God; who gives us the ability to serve others.

What I would have missed if I had kept my distance from the young man because he didn’t fit MY expectations.  If God hadn’t prevailed upon me to just to listen and support.

Alan and I are still friends today.  He is now married with children of his own.  I will hear a knock at my door …and there he is.  What a blessing! ~Debra   



February 12, 2015 — Leave a comment

My friend and I were lamenting the fact that the old adage, “youth is wasted on the young” is so true.

late bloomerWow! What if we’d known then what we know now? If you’re like me, you’re a late bloomer and there’s an adage for that too! “Better late than never!”

It took me way too long to figure out that the only true satisfaction you can get out of life is to live it for The King – Jesus!

Jobs and cars and clothes and status all come and go, but Love Heart, the things you do for God live on forever. Does He need you to accomplish His will? No.

But amazingly enough, He lets us in on the greatest adventure you can imagine. And this journey will last for an eternity!

Over my life, I’ve had several different careers, but none adventure has been better than my affiliation with Love Heart Ministries. To have the honor to speak words of encouragement into the lives of God’s children and those seeking to know Him is so beyond anything I could have dreamed!

It’s time to take a survey. What brings you joy? Is it in line with kingdom thinking? If it’s not, it’s not too late! Start today. Gwen~