The God of All Comfort~

November 4, 2016 — 1 Comment

old couple holding handsHer eyes were clouded and darkened with sadness.  She explained that her dad is in hospice care.  Apparently her mother and father have one of those increasingly rare relationships…after many, many years together, they are still very much in love.

Completely at a loss, she asked me what she could say to her mom to comfort her as she waits for the inevitable.  I asked if her father knows Jesus. Thankfully he does.

My answer was that sometimes there’s just nothing to say.

We’ve all been at a loss for words at one time or another.  Feeling that we had to say something, we blurted out words that should have been kept unspoken.

Many times, a listening ear is far more valuable than a talking mouth.  A quiet hug of Comfortersolace can greatly out value a noisy basket of platitudes.

Ongoing prayer for all involved to The Comforter will make a difference.  And though you may not say it, we who know Jesus KNOW that He has promised to never leave or forsake us…ever…even in the horrible times!  And He Always keeps His Word!  Gwen~




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  1. I was so inspired when I read “The God of all Comfort. My parents have been married for 55 years. and they have held true to their wedding vows. The love they have for each other has been unconditional and so inspiring to our entire family. They are witnesses to the Love that Christ has for all of us. My mother stays close to my father’s bedside as he awaits for the Lord to call him home.
    Gwen, thank you for sharing my story and for your inspiration, encouragement and support during this difficult time. Your words bring comfort and peace. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry.

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